Getting there

Flight Arrangement

In case you missed it, we have arranged a special discount with our official airline partner, Ethiopian Airlines.

Promo code: AOG2019

This will be available at both ticket office and online sales. Book now!

Transportation/shuttle services

We have confirmed preferred rates with Grupo Autostar.
Please contact directly with your Angola Oil & Gas reference to learn more about the offers available. 

T: +244 226 433 610

If you would like to contact another transport provider, please contact AVIS who are situated at Luanda Airport.

T: +244 222 321 551

We are also pleased to partner with Angeez Travel in association with eTravel, who will be able to assist you in enhancing your travel experience and creating lasting memories.

To ease your experience with travel, Angeez can execute flights, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, visa assistance and foreign exchange advice, etc.

If you require assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact Angela directly.

Angela Shea
T: +27 21 558 6394
C: +27 81 330 5508