Africa Oil & Power: COVID-19 Event Guidelines

As we prepare to welcome delegates, speakers, exhibitors and more back to our events in 2021, the following safety measures have been adopted by Africa Oil & Power (AOP) to ensure a safe and secure return to live events.  

In addition to the measures below, AOP vows to adhere to the advice, regulations and requirements of the relevant public health authorities in respective host countries to ensure that our events operate in accordance with local regulations, while meeting international health and safety standards. 


Registration Process: 

Pre-Registration: Online pre-registration will be required for all events to minimize queues and contact during the registration process. Over-the-counter registration or purchase of a delegate pass will not be possible.  

Digital Credentials: A digital delegate pass will be issued on pre-registration. Your mobile device will serve as your “access card” and show guide to the event, and will enable access upon entry and exit. This will not replace the physical badges and lanyards. 

Help Desk: If live assistance is required for registration, please adhere to social distancing for queuing with two-meter floor markers in place.    

Please arrive at the venue earlier than usual to allow time for safety protocol.   

Entering the Venue: 

Temperature Checks: All delegates will be screened via contactless temperature checks prior to entering the venue through designated entrances.

If a visitor is identified with a “high temperature” (above 99.5°F / 37.5°C), then he/she will be asked to wait for 2-5 minutes for the body temperature to cool down, after which a follow-up check will be conducted. 

If a high temperature remains, then the individual will be directed to an isolation room and emergency medical services will be notified in compliance with local health authority procedures.

Staggered admission: The number of attendees into the conference hall and/or exhibition may be restricted and/or divided into timed sessions to manage crowd density and better adhere to social distancing guidelines.  

Entry and Exit: Please follow marked entry and exit points. Barcode/QR codes will be digitally scanned to allow entry.  

During the Conference & Exhibition: 

Face Coverings: Face coverings are to be worn at all times when inside of the venue (i.e. Conference hall, Exhibition floor, Meeting rooms, etc.) Should a delegate fail to arrive with proper protective covering, a facemask will be provided.  

Greetings and Handshakes: Please maintain social distancing when greeting. We recommend the elimination of handshakes and exchange of business cards, and encourage using alternative greetings, such as waves, nods or verbal acknowledgements.  

Hand washing: Please engage in regular hand washing. We will also place hand sanitizer stations at key locations throughout the venue, with regular use encouraged.  

Queuing: When queuing, please stand on the specified floor markers to ensure a minimum distance of two meters at all times. 

Seating: Our event seating capacities will follow social distancing guidelines. Please adhere to all relevant signage. 

Floor Plan: Delegate traffic flow through the venue may be restricted. Please adhere to all relevant signage, including when one-way directional arrows are indicated. The AOP floorplans always ensure ample space to safely move around. 

Conference/Meeting rooms: All conference, meeting and break room seating will follow social distancing guidelines. Rooms will be cleaned between sessions.  

Food & Beverage: Venues and catering partners will provide all food and beverage in a safe and clean manner. Please adhere to all relevant signage indicating limited seating and distanced tables.   


Enhanced Venue Cleaning: Venues will undergo rigorous cleanings before, during and after the opening of both the Conference Hall and Exhibition Floor. 

Restrooms (including floors, mirrors, wash basins and amenities) will be cleaned and disinfected hourly. 

Dedicated staff will be assigned to disinfect common areas, including frequently touched surfaces such as lift buttons, hand rails, door knobs, seating areas, tables, etc. throughout the day.  

Air Ventilation: All venues will be equipped with air conditioning and air filtering processes to maximize airflow.

Stand Cleaning: Exhibitors will have access to cleaning and disinfection equipment for booths, exhibits and promotional materials throughout the event. The distribution of physical and/or promotional materials may be limited and/or prohibited in favor of digital materials.  

Waste Management: The collection and removal of waste receptacles will be increased during events. Specific waste bins for mask disposal will also be provided and clearly identified, with a proposed schedule to regularly disinfect the waste receptacles themselves. 

Contact Tracing: Through the use of AOP event data, including registration, mobile applications and other third-party providers, we will offer assistance to the relevant authorities regarding contact tracing, subject to compliance with data privacy agreements. 

Separation Screens: Where social distancing cannot be maintained, the following measures will be implemented: a) increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning; b) limiting the time of the given activity; c) using screens or barriers to separate people using back-to-back or side-to-side (rather than face-to-face); and reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using fixed teams or partners (so each person works with only a few others). 


Emergency Response Plan: In partnership with the relevant local government and public health authorities, AOP will establish an Emergency Response Plan to include processes for possible confirmed and suspected COVID-19 incidences. Operations and event teams on-site will follow government advice in relation to disinfection after a suspected case. AOP will remain in communication with local health authorities before, during and after the event, as well as monitor all new sources of information.  

Medical Service Points: Stands for medical support, patient handling, treatment and clinical support, patient transport and treatment will be set up at all events with trained health specialists. An increased number of First Aid stations will also be located throughout the event with enhanced medical support available. 

Healthy and Safety Communications: Before the event, event communications will include updates from global and local health organizations, event admission policies, hygiene briefings and health protection measures, among other items. 

Event signage will communicate common signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as communicated by the relevant medical and health authorities, as well as actions to take if necessary. Signage will be displayed prominently in all common areas of the event. Throughout events, public addresses will repeat messages about the importance of following government guidelines.  

Immediate or urgent messages will be communicated via SMS for all registered delegates, with up-to-date details posted on the AOP event website. Please note that general medical support will be provided by AOP, however, any additional medical treatments incurred will be the responsibility of the individual.  

In 2021 AOP will hold its first-ever Mozambique Gas & Power conference and exhibition in March, the second edition of the Angola Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition in June, the fourth South Sudan Oil & Power event in June, the first DRC Energy & Infrastructure Investment Summit in September, and the fifth annual flagship AOP event, Africa Oil & Power, in October; and the first-ever Nigeria Oil, Gas & Power Conference and Exhibition in October.