Senegal Oil & Power 2020

The first Senegal Oil & Power 2020 conference will be postponed due to measures related to the containment of the COVID-19 virus. Africa Oil & Power remains committed to the health and safety of all event participants and staff and we will continue to develop contingencies and weigh meaningful options according to guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Senegalese government.
Please continue to check the Africa Oil & Power website and follow us on LinkdIn and Twitter for updates on all of our event dates.


Senegal’s thriving private sector will play a key role in taking Senegal Oil & Power 2020 to the next level in terms of triggering interest, investment and deal-making. Thanks to the country’s progress in ease of doing business, unique investment opportunities are presenting themselves across the energy value chain from exploration and production to refining, petrochemicals and storage, as well as power and renewable energy – a sector in which Senegal is a regional leader.

Organized by Africa Oil & Power and supported by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Senegal, the conference will be a vehicle to promote the new deepwater licensing round, which was announced at the Africa Oil & Power Conference in Cape Town, and for public-private partnerships spanning the value chain.

Under the theme: A NEW WAVE OF INVESTMENT  

  • Investment across Senegal’s entire energy value chain
  • The role of the energy sector in the Emerging Senegal Plan
  • Meet the new E&P entrants prospecting in Senegal
  • Off- and Onshore Licensing Round
  • Focus on Senegal’s new Gas Masterplan
  • Project Spotlights: Grand Tortue Ahmeyim, SNE fields and more
  • Local enterprize success to date and projects in the pipeline
  • Creation of a transparent regulatory framework for long-term sustainable development
  • Local content goals, current shortfalls and the role of the INPG
  • Evolution of the comprehensive energy system and the role of renewable energy in the Senegalese matrix
  • Focus on Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea-Conakry and Guinea-Bissau’s energy industries and their synergies with Senegal

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