Afrika Umoja

Afrika Umoja – which is Swahili for ‘Africa United’ – is an initiative created to tackle the COVID-19 threat across Africa. The aim is to build temporary medical infrastructure within which medical professionals can work to combat COVID-19, in partnership with government, the private sector, and local entrepreneurs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on companies in the events industry globally, leading to organizations like Africa Oil & Power, HOTT3D, and the Africa Energy Chamber to create partnerships that bring together successful networks, transactions, and partnerships that are at the helm of Africa’s growing energy industries, through marketing, communications, and outreach.

The venture applies our design, construction, and project management expertise to build temporary medical infrastructure and supply products within days/weeks at any location across Africa.

Afrika Umoja invites provincial and national governments and firms interested in building or funding temporary medical buildings and shelters to get in touch via Twitter @AfricaOilPower.

For more information contact:

  • Katie Brock at if your organization is interested in working with Afrika Umoja to build medical or accommodation facilities fast in your community, or if your organization is interested in providing funding.
  • Liam Beattie at if you are interested in working with Hott3D and the other vendors and suppliers as part of the Afrika Umoja project.

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