Equatorial Guinea

AES: Equatorial Guinea 2019

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Africa Oil & Power is producing its second full report of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea’s energy sector. Titled Africa Energy Series Equatorial Guinea 2019 Year of Energy, the report is designed to be the most comprehensive report published on Equatorial Guinea’s energy leaders, resources, main actors and future potential.

AES Equatorial Guinea 2019 was launched at AOP Investor Forum in June 2019, and will serve as an essential tool for investors and an important milestone in the nation’s development towards a key energy hub in the Gulf of Guinea.

AES: Equatorial Guinea 2018

Africa Energy Series: Equatorial Guinea 2018 follows 2016’s AES documentary film on the petroleum sector. Designed to be the most comprehensive report ever published on Equatorial Guinea’s energy leaders, resources, main actors and future potential, AES Equatorial Guinea 2018 will be an essential tool for investors and an important milestone in the nation’s development as an energy powerhouse for Africa.

The AES: Equatorial Guinea 2018 book was launched at the Africa Oil & Power Investor Forum in London.

AES: Equatorial Guinea 2016

The first Africa Energy Series documentary focused on Equatorial Guinea, a country in West Africa with an important oil and gas legacy. Like many of its fellow petroleum exporters in Africa, Equatorial Guinea is working to reverse systemic declines in oil production by bringing online new discoveries and encouraging more exploration. Equatorial Guinea is also diversifying the energy industry through large-scale gas developments and petrochemical projects that capitalize on its abundant natural gas reserves. Before the end of the decade, Equatorial Guinea will become Africa’s first country to launch a deepwater floating liquefied natural gas terminal when it completes the Fortuna FLNG development. “Africa Energy Series – Equatorial Guinea” aired on CNBC Africa in November 2016.