Africa Energy Series

Africa Energy Series is a series of documentaries and reports that explore the energy industries of African countries and how they impact the greater economy and society at large. Produced by Africa Branding Corporation, these investment reports and 30-minute programs provide a complete portrait of each country’s oil and gas sectors via the perspective of its government leaders and industry professionals.


Upcoming Reports

Equatorial Guinea
Our first AES documentary was completed in 2016, focusing on Equatorial Guinea's growing pan-African influence. In 2018 AES released its comprehensive investment guide to the energy sector.
South Africa
2018 could be a new dawn for the entire South African energy sector, as rising commodity prices, increased demand and an overall improvement in investor sentiment is spurring growth across the spectrum, from exploration to power generation.
For decades, Senegal has watched from the sidelines as its neighbors in West Africa made big oil and gas finds; it appeared to be left behind, producing only small amounts of gas from the onshore Diam Niadio field.

Past Reports

South Sudan
The Africa Energy Series, South Sudan investment report, produced in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum of South Sudan...