Acquisition and Divestitures

AOP brings the policy and dealmakers together in Cape Town and across Africa and Europe. As a key part of our mission, we facilitate investment in oil and gas in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on promoting upstream exploration assets.

Advisory on Asset Sales

Our acquisition and divestiture advisory services for African governments and companies are founded on our large network of E&P companies and investors worldwide with a stated interest in African assets. We explore and analyze the market to enable partners in the upstream industry to farm in and farm out, and make well informed exploration and investment decisions.

Licensing Rounds

AOP undertakes bidding / licensing rounds on behalf of African governments, leveraging its events and marketing platforms to bring new companies to African oil and gas licenses. Our team takes a pro-active, results based approach, with bidding rounds tailored in each instance to the outcomes specified by government. The AOP team successfully developed extensive resources and marketed 17 blocks in Equatorial Guinea for the EG Ronda bidding round, which concluded in 2017 with eight companies advancing to negotiations and new contracts signed with Kosmos Energy and Ophir Energy. 

Farm In / Farm Out

Companies can take advantage of AOP’s network and its communications, marketing and events reach to bring new partners to licenses in their portfolio. Talk to the Africa Oil & Power A&D team about implementing a strategy for farm in and farm out activities on African blocks and signing acquisition and divestiture deals on a single block basis or ‘private bidding round’ format. AOP is currently marketing oil and gas blocks for Africa’s largest indigenous explorer by acreage, the Atlas Oranto group. Learn more here.

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