South Africa Oil & Gas Alliance

Based in Cape Town, the South African Oil & Gas Alliance is an association serving the interests of the industry and its members in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors in Africa. The organization operates as a partnership between the public and private sectors, receiving public funding to carry out a range of industry development activities and working to promote the interests of members. It is overseen by an independent volunteer Board of Directors from industry and a number of other key stakeholders.

sponsor-sample2Niall Kramer became the CEO of the South Africa Oil & Gas Alliance in March 2016. He is an experienced corporate marketing leader with strong global, Asian, African and South Africa experience in oil & gas, marketing and corporate areas. He was educated at UCT and he joined Caltex in SA in 1990 where he moved from across many functions, in both Corporate and Marketing, and was posted to Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand.

“South Africa is in a very good space in regards to refreshed leadership and securing certainty, this momentum is what is crucial in moving forward. Some of the challenges are going to be in bridging from the past into a more certain future, with the most important things being providing certainty on the LNG programme and putting a commercially attractive MPRDA in place and the issuing of licenses. My guess is that the LNG programme will be first, we also need the RFQ, clear timelines and clarity for consortia when an anticipation of when the first ships will be turning up. Of course, there are many years between the two points; however, investors need that certainty in order to do deals. Companies in the services value chain are correctly and hungrily waiting to position themselves.”

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