Nilepet and Joint Ventures

Though not yet an operator, South Sudan’s national oil company Nilepet has a vital role to play in the development of the country’s oil sector and the industry’s continued growth. Incorporated in 2009 after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 and two years before independence was granted to South Sudan in 2011, Nilepet holds a stake in each consortium operating in South Sudan. Nilepet took over from the state-owned oil company of Sudan, Sudapet, upon independence.

Nilepet is active across the petroleum value chain, with a stake in all three operating companies, and a significant presence in the midstream and downstream sectors. The national oil company has majority stakes in six joint ventures, with three currently active. Nile Drilling and Services Co. is purchasing rigs and will begin operations in 2017. Nile Delta, in partnership with Nigeria’s Niger Delta E&P, is running a pilot gas-to-power project and implementing new brownfield technology to South Sudan’s mature oilfields. SIPET Engineering and Consultancy Services provides project consultancy and power plant operation and maintenance services.