Eagle Enterprise

Eagle Enterprise, based in South Sudan, began as an air transport service that has since branched out into remote site development, country procurement, transportation and the remote support services sector for international companies and humanitarian organizations needing logistics services in South Sudan. The company has made its name in delivering services and goods to remote projects by air, road and river. The company’s services have since expanded, and it also offers engineering and construction, water infrastructure, waste management, power generation, general maintenance, groundwork, inspection and monitoring.

Fully owned by South Sudanese, Eagle Enterprise encourages and participates in activities that are geared to the development of our young nation. The company enthusiastically supports South Sudan’s local industry and strictly follows all operating regulations and labor laws as set out by the government of South Sudan. They are confident that adhering to these principles will enable Eagle Enterprise continue to sustain and foster fair and transparent relationships with employees, partners and clients for years to come.