DMWA Resources

DMWA Resources is an emerging oil and gas advisory firm with an interest in trading, consulting and promoting upstream acreages across Africa. The firm capitalizes on the extensive African knowledge and experience of its management and seeks to make world-class E&P opportunities in Africa available to global oil and gas investors.

sponsor-sample2Sebastian Wagner is in charge of Business Development and Corporate Affairs at DMWA Resources. He has worked with multinational commodity trading companies in oil trading, responsible for managing the oil trading operations across the barrel of African crude and refined products, as well as pursuing pre-financing opportunities in West and Central Africa. His regional focus has been on Congo Brazzaville, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad and Nigeria.

“For 2018 and beyond, you will see an increasing trend towards the gasification of African economies. I think any trader properly positioned in the LPG and LNG markets will make a lot of money in 2018 and beyond, if they get the economics right.

There are a few heavyweights in the gas game, such as Shell with its brilliant BG Group transaction. I would like to believe that Shell has really returned to shareholder value, and the firm’s return on equity in the next five years or so may be second to none in the oil and gas sector. This is a powerful example, but there are many smaller traders who are beefing up their LNG desks. LNG is the market you want to be in, and there are great public-private partnership initiatives, like LNG2Africa, that are focused on solving the energy issues on the African continent through LNG.

Gas, and LNG specifically, is a very attractive play to be in right now.”

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