Asoko Insight

Asoko Insight is a provider of corporate data on African, privately-held companies. Asoko leverages technology and local data collection teams to build Africa’s largest repository of company information serving corporates, investors and governments worldwide.
Asoko provides superior data on Sub-Saharan African companies, public and private, to help you identify leads, research investment opportunities and monitor corporate developments. We collect and update company information through a variety of in-country sources.

sponsor-sample2Rob Withagen is co-founder and MD of Asoko Insight. Prior to founding Asoko, Rob worked as Oxford Business Group’s West Africa editor based out of Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Gabon. He has written and commented extensively on bridging the information gap between Africa’s business opportunities and foreign capital flows.

“I believe local companies will be the drivers for change in the African oil and gas sectors. Local content paired with a withdrawal by IOCs from marginal field provinces will boost the presence of, and transfer of know-how to, indigenous players. This is good news as these companies run on lower cost-bases, meaning cheaper production; they are more intimately tied to local communities, meaning more local jobs and greater respect for local environment; and they are more committed to their country and government, meaning more sustainable practices. On the downside, efficiency levels will decrease due to a less developed skill base and less financial muscle.”

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