Advisory Services

Africa Oil & Power works in close partnerships with governments and state agencies, as well as private African companies, on promotional campaigns including licensing rounds, farm-in / farm-out opportunities, strategic communications, branding and marketing, and more. 

Strategic Communications 

Africa Oil & Power offers strategic communications packages that make full use of our platforms and draw upon the strength of our network. Our team is here to help build and execute your communications strategy.

Government Partners

Africa Oil & Power is proud to work with governments across Sub Saharan African to realize their strategic communication and investment goals. 

Licensing Rounds & Farm-in/Farm Out 

Africa Oil & Power has developed the marketing and promotional campaigns on several licensing rounds and farm-in/farm-out campaigns across the continent. Past advisory and promotional services have included the Atlas/Oranto Block Promotion for farm-in opportunities and the EG Ronda. 

Websites & Marketing

Our content, design and digital teams are here to help you make an impact. Take advantage of Africa Oil & Power’s production team and market knowledge to build your brand through websites, design, strategic content and setup of digital marketing platforms.

Talk to us via about your promotional, communications and consulting needs. From international licensing round campaigns to the building of your own brand platforms, Africa Oil & Power is dedicated to promoting your business interests.