Video: Highlights from the Energy Transition Debate of African Energy Chamber Book

The African Energy Chamber has officially launched its inaugural advisory book, ‘African Energy Road to Recovery: How the African Energy Industry can Reshape Itself for a Post-COVID-19 Comeback’, in which details as to how the African energy sector can recover from COVID-19 impacts and recommendations from industry leaders is provided.

In the publication, an energy transition debate between Astria Fataki, Founder & President, Energy Generation; Remi Mouchel, Operations Director and President of the Executive Board, IFP Training; and Rachelle Yayi, CEO, Afara Solutions, emphasized the role of training in fueling an efficient energy transition, of governments in sponsoring local content green initiatives, and the availability of local financing in driving African investment into renewable projects at home.

“Governments should take this opportunity to spur investment in the clean energy sector through amending their regulatory frameworks and improving business climates,” stated Yayi.

“The expansion of renewable energy was ongoing, even before COVID-19,” commented Fataki. “However, the crisis has shed light on the weaknesses of the energy transition model currently used in Africa, including low involvement of local capital.”

“The real challenge is creating a mix of energy sources in Africa and globally,” added Mouchel. “We should make use of all available energy forms without lobbies defending one system over another.”

Order your copy today via the major platforms below. #RoadtoRecovery


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