Malabo Punta Europa Plant Welcomes First Gas Shipment

Image: Mechademy

American multinational energy corporation, Chevron, is celebrating the delivery of its first gas
shipment for Equatorial Guinea’s (EG) Malabo Punta Europa Plant. Arriving at the EG dock, the
shipment follows the inauguration of the Gas Mega-Processing Centre in Punta Europa on
February 26, 2021.

The arrival of the shipment signifies a great development for the Alen Backfilling project as it
showcases the beginning of the commercialization of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Condensate
and Liquified Petroleum Gas.

Notable event attendees included Oscar Vicente Garcia Berniko Aboki, General Director of State
Companies, Bryan Wallace, Managing Director, EG LNG, Veronica Mikue Mba, Deputy Managing
Director, EG LNG, Juan Antonio Ndong, General Director, Sonagas, Bernardo Cuaresma,
Chevron Representative, amongst others.


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