Video: Establishing Mozambique as a Global LNG Player

Africa Oil & Power spoke to Carlos Zacarias, Chairman of the National Petroleum Institute (INP) about Mozambique’s enormous resource potential, the government’s electricity expansion initiatives, and Mozambique’s potential as a global Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) player. Through the recognition of H.E. President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi’s leadership with regards to the hydrocarbons sector, and in particular the implementation of various projects in Mozambique within the hydrocarbons sector, Zacarias emphasizes the value of Mozambique’s growing sector.

“Mozambique has been blessed by this enormous potential, which hasn’t been thoroughly explored and what experience has taught us, is that where there is natural gas, there is often oil as well,” stated Zacarias. “So, this means that where evaluations and prospects show potential, we must stay on course and continue.”

By prioritizing the expansion of electricity access, the government is aiming to spur development across the entire country. Additionally, Zacarias notes that Mozambique will soon become a global LNG player.

“I firmly believe that initiatives, which are conducted by the entities designated by the government in this area, will bring about a lot of clear benefits,” stated Zacarias. “Mozambique will … undoubtedly become a key player in the production and supply of natural gas at a global level and at a regional level.”

Join us for the Mozambique Gas & Power 2021 conference and exhibition, in Maputo, Mozambique.


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