Video: The Value of Partnerships in Advancing Mozambique’s Energy Sector

Africa Oil & Power (AOP) recently spoke with Simone Santi, President of Energy, Oil and Gas, and Mineral Resources at the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), about the importance of regulatory framework, the need for a separation of the state regulator and operator, the benefits of local participation and the value of partnerships for Mozambique’s advancing energy sector. By establishing meaningful and productive partnerships, and creating an enabling environment for investors, Mozambique can realize its oil and gas objectives.  

“For Mozambique’s oil and gas sector, it is very important that we have a regulator that is not the same as the Mozambican operator,” stated Santi. “The decision to have Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) separate from the operator and regulator is very important. Additionally, CTA is a counterpart with the government for the sectors framework and is aiming to improve the business environment.”  

Additionally, Santi explained the importance of local participation in the country’s oil and gas sector. Through the modification of existing regulation that prioritizes the local workforce, Mozambique’s business environment and economy can improve, and by integrating the international and local workforce in Mozambique, and establishing partnerships between international and local companies, the country can benefit from sectoral experience, access to skills, and the realization of project success.  

“The best way to invest in Mozambique is through partnerships,” stated Santi. “There are many Mozambican companies that are increasing their business parameters and getting better every day, and are proving to be potential partners for international companies.”  

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