Senegalese President Calls for National Oil and Gas Reform

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Senegalese President Macky Sall has called for a transformation of organization, management, execution and evaluation processes within the domestic oil and gas sector, as the country prepares to enter oil and gas operations from 2023.

The President made his announcement during a virtual conference held with the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

Expanding upon a prior meeting he chaired earlier this month, President Sall advocated for the enhanced management of oil and gas resources, supported by a new roadmap that accelerates reforms and ensures adequate supervision of projects by the relevant ministers and parastatals.

To this end, President Sall requested that Minister of Petroleum and Energy Aissatou Sophie Gladima work towards revolutionizing information reporting systems within the hydrocarbon sector and implementing a cohesive communication strategy on oil and gas management.

With a view to driving inclusion of the private sector and indigenous industries, President Sall further urged national oil company PETROSEN to finalize Production Sharing Contracts and Association Agreements with operators.

President Sall also requested that the Ministry of Finance and Budget finalize the bill on revenue sharing related to oil and gas development before the end of March 2021.

Finally, the Head of State reinforced support for the establishment of the National Institute of Oil and Gas in the new industrial development city of Diamniadio located in the outskirts of Dakar; as well as the formalization of regulation related to education and training in the sector, in a bid to develop human capital and facilitate knowledge, skills and technology transfer.  

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