Nigerian Youth Lead Africa’s Largest Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Project

Image: Systems Sunlight

The largest off-grid solar hybrid energy project on the continent is being spearheaded by Nigerian universities. Under a mandate from the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), the Energizing Education Program (EEP) aims to empower Nigerian youth to play a role in powering local rural communities.

The EEP project – which has already installed a third of its planned 89.6 MW capacity – will provide electricity to 37 universities and seven teaching hospitals in Nigeria, once completed.

“The benefits of the EEP are immeasurable, as improving the quality of education and ensuring safe and conducive learning environments, through access to reliable power, training centers and streetlights, would result in the churning out of excellent graduates, thus [creating a] multiplier effect on all facets of society,” said Damilola Ogunbiyi, Managing Director and CEO, REA.

The EEP, in partnership with Systems Sunlight – which specializes in the development and production of batteries and energy storage systems – is already present in four cities, nine universities and one teaching hospital.

“[The off-grid hybrid project’s] innovative design ensures long power cycles, reduced maintenance efforts and cost, as well as high safety standards,” said Dimitri Panagiotou, Senior Area Sales Manager, Systems Sunlight. “To achieve all this, Sunlight provided extensive technical information to navigate a complex installation process.”


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