Marine Bunkers Ltd. Set to Recycle Oil Waste in Ghana

Ghana is set to transform its hydrocarbon waste into second-generation petroleum products, following a recent agreement signed between Marine Bunkers Limited (MBL), a West African service provider, and French cleantech company Ecoslops, to collect and treat oil waste at a facility in Tema Port.

Under the agreement, Ecoslops will supply a new industrial micro-refining unit, “Mini-P2R.” The P2R (Petroleum Residue Recycling) process – established by the Paris-based firm on an industrial scale – eliminates water and sediment from waste oil and reprocesses it through a vacuum distillation column.

“The P2R unit will make it possible to recycle 98% of oil waste in Tema and the Gulf of Guinea region,” said Ecoslops in a statement. “The reuse of these oil residues will notably reduce illegal dumping (maritime or land-based), thus contributing to the preservation of the resource. It will also cut greenhouse gas emissions per ton of fuel produced by a factor of three, unlike a conventional oil production cycle.”

The project will also enable Ghana to expand its maritime facilities, while improving value-added services and creating jobs. “We will train operators in Ghana to comply with international regulations. We will also provide multi-year technical assistance to MBL,” added Ecoslops.

Other West African countries are getting involved in the reuse of oil waste: in March 2020, the Storage Company of Lomé in Togo inaugurated its hydrocarbon waste treatment site to clean up nearly 3,000 tons of residues and waste from fuel oil storage tanks.


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