Clir Renewables to Optimize Africa’s Largest Wind Farm

Clir Renewables – leading provider of renewable energy software – and Kenya’s Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) Project have signed a partnership agreement to enhance the performance of LTWP’s 310MW wind farm and boost clean power generation. 

Under the agreement, Clir will conduct machine learning-driven analysis of each of Lake Turkana’s 365 turbines, with a view to leveraging Kenya’s extensive wind resources, boosting annual energy production, managing ongoing asset health and alleviating technical financial risk.

“[Lake Turkana] is a particularly unique project – it’s the first of this scale in Africa and has been developed to take advantage of some of the best conditions for consistent energy production,” said David O’Hare, Director, Europe, Clir. “Having worked across a number of large-scale, unique projects around the world, we are keen to leverage our wide-ranging experience to assess Lake Turkana’s current performance and potential gains.”

In an effort to reduce national electricity costs and carbon emissions, Kenya has committed to meeting rising electricity demand with 100% renewable power generation. Located in Loiyangalani District, the LTWP wind farm represents the largest on the continent after coming online in July 2019 and carries the capacity to power approximately 330,000 local households.

“With our turbines performing at their best, we will be in a position to supply Kenya with consistent, low-priced, green energy,” said Wellington Otieno, Chief Technical Officer, LTWP. “We are pioneering wind energy generation at scale in Africa, and look forward to working with Clir to fully optimize performance and show the rest of the continent, and indeed the world, what green energy possibilities there are here. Our hope is that LTWP will encourage many more wind energy farms in our continent as we work towards protecting our environment.”


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