Webinar: Navigating Risk: Increasing Threats in the African Energy Market Under COVID-19

Many African countries present unique challenges for investors throughout the energy value chain, from regulatory uncertainty and bureaucratic hassles to political unrest. In some areas, physical and cyber attacks are also a possibility, from pirates and vandals to militants. The COVID-19 is sure to present additional challenges for doing business globally, and poses an incredible risk to African countries as the entire continent heads for a recession. How can investors — both domestic and international — navigate these challenges and protect themselves, their employees and their assets? What regulatory environments are investors seeking in a highly competitive environment? High risk can equate to high reward … but also to large losses. What is the right balance of risk moving forward?

Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, Founder & President, SVB Energy International
Shawn Robert Duthie, Managing Director, Inyani Intelligence
C. Derek Campbell, CEO of Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc.

James Chester, Acting CEO, Africa Oil & Power
Caty Hirst, Director of Programming, Africa Oil & Power

12 June 2020- Navigating Risk Webinar 

Watch the full webinar here:


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