Akon to Build a Smart Green City in Senegal

Senegalese artist and entrepreneur, Akon, has received authorization from Senegal’s state-owned SAPCO tourism company to build a crypto-city on 2,000 acres of land.

Akon City, which will take 10 years to complete, will be powered by green energy and his own cryptocurrency, Akoin. The city’s energy will be developed through Akon’s Lighting Africa initiative, which aims to bring electricity to rural areas across Africa. The city is expected to become an eco-tourism destination and will solely rely on renewable energy to provide a stable source of power for its guests.

“Just finalized the agreement for Akon City in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future,” the artist said. The city will be located five minutes away from Dakar’s international airport, outside Dakar.

In 2018, the rapper announced his intention of building a ‘real-life Wakanda’ in reference to futuristic country stated in the film, ‘Black Panther.’

“Beyond his status as an artist, it is Akon, the investor who believes in Africa,” the Tourism Ministry said in a statement.

The first Senegal Oil & Power 2020 conference will be held on May 27-28, 2020 in Dakar, Senegal. The conference will be a vehicle to promote the new deep water licensing round, which was announced at the Africa Oil & Power Conference in Cape Town and for public-private partnerships spanning the value chain.

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