Senegal Announces 2020 Licensing Round Dates

The Senegalese Ministry of Petroleum, together with state-owned Petrosen and GeoPartners, will launch the 2020 Senegal Licensing Round comprising 12 blocks in the MSGBC Basin on 31 January, 2020.

Petrosen collaborated with TGS, GeoPartners and PGS to provide more than 14,000 Km of 2D data, over 10,000 Km2 of 3D data and over 50 000 Km2 of Multibeam data with shallow cores and geochemistry to interested parties. In addition, TGS acquired additional 3D seismic data to offer interested bidders an improved subsurface understanding.

The licensing round aims to increase investment in the country, providing short-and medium-term investment incentives and potential additional rounds. Senegal has had 8 major oil and gas discoveries since 2014 and is moving closer to becoming a large-scale oil and gas producer. Hosting a licensing round will draw interest from a wide variety of operators.

The first Senegal Oil & Power 2020 conference will be held on May 27-28, 2020 in Dakar, Senegal. The conference will be a vehicle to promote the new deep water licensing round, which was announced at the Africa Oil & Power Conference in Cape Town and for public-private partnerships spanning the value chain.

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