A Newfound Partnership

Providing logistics, stevedoring, shipping and freight forwarding services to oil and gas companies, Besora/Navitrans is the product of a recent partnership between local provider Besora Maritima and international Navitrans, established September, 2018. Conrad Cherblanc, Besora/Navitrans Business Development Manager, speaks to Africa Energy Series: Equatorial Guinea, about the company’s activities in the country.

What led to the recent partnership between Besora Maritima and Navitrans, and what is the competitive advantage created by its establishment?

Besora Maritima is Equatorial Guinea’s first logistics agent. From 1969, Besora has been active in the area of logistics, stevedoring, shipping and freight forwarding in Equatorial Guinea. Navitrans is the second independent African logistics network and has been active in Africa for 40 years and intends to increase its coverage to continue offering tailor-made logistics services to and from any African country. The industry demands the highest standards in global logistics management. The complexity and scale of the projects, in some of the world’s most difficult terrains and most remote locations, requires proven expertise and total reliability. Besora Maritima offers one of the best logistics setups – trucks, stevedoring/cargo handling, warehouses/yards – and is among the most experienced logistics teams in Equatorial Guinea, covering both Bioko Island and the mainland. Navitrans, as an expert in oil and gas logistics with long-lasting experience in Africa, offers its expertise, a comprehensive network of agencies in the sub-region and a dedicated vessel to the West African coast and project cargo. Our partnership brings together the philosophy and expertise of oil and gas with the local expertise and logistics setup needed to provide an international, integrated logistics service.

What has been the most significant oil and gas project Besora/Navitrans has worked on in its history in Equatorial Guinea?

Twenty-five years ago, Besora signed a contract with Walter International, the first oil company to establish in Equatorial Guinea. We assist most of the companies in the sector, mainly operating the vessels that supply offshore oil and gas platforms. Support was given in all operations for the installation and maintenance of the Alba and Zafiro fields. In 2001, having identified the demand for modern port facilities on the island of Bioko, Besora and Universal Africa Lines (UAL) purchased and began to develop a site on the Airport Road. With an abundance of suitable land available, the site became the location of the company’s logistics center – K5 Freeport and Oil Center. Site construction commenced in 2002, and land was reclaimed from the sea to construct a new jetty. Roads and all required infrastructure were constructed. The need for an efficient Freeport and new oil center resulted in K5 Freeport and Oil Centre. A few years later, due to the government’s heavy investment in infrastructure, Besora decided to leave the corporation and look for new projects.


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