Solar Plant to Be Built in Central Zimbabwe

Sable Chemicals, a Kwekwe-based ammonium nitrate producer, has established a partnership with local energy solutions company, Katanga Solar Energy, to fund a solar power generation project intended to generate up to 400MW.

Feasibility studies for the project have already been carried out, establishing Kwekwe as both a strategic and feasible position for the project. Sable Chemicals has also already secured land for the project, aptly named ‘Katanga Solar Farm,’ under the Zimbabwe Rural District Council. Currently, the company is seeking a license from the Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority.

The project is initially set to produce 50MW, with production gradually increasing to 400MW upon completion.

“Sable Chemicals Plant consumes a lot of electricity, so the solar energy project will help us reduce our electricity bill as we will be producing for ourselves. These are some of the company’s long-term plans to increase production,” said Sable Chemicals chief executive, Bothwell Nyajeka.

Previously, the company had been receiving its power from the state-owned Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company.