Equatorial Guinea: Djibloho hydropower plant completed

Following the completion of the Chinese-built reservoir of the Djibloho hydropower plant in Equatorial Guinea, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasongo said the country’s economy would be significantly boosted.

The Djibloho hydropower plant has a capacity of 120-MW and is the largest of its kind in the country.

President Obiang said the completion of the project comes at a time when the country is aiming to enhance development through the provision of clean energy for all, especially in rural areas.

Speaking at the at the reservoir completion ceremony on Saturday, he added that the project had brought more jobs to locals, and peace and development to the country.

Speaking to Xinhua , Equatorial Guinea’s Minister for Industry and Energy, Miguel Ekua Ondo, said the completion of the regulating reservoir would also alleviate poverty in the country.

“We now have the possibility to reduce electricity prices for the population,” he said.

The minister further told the publication that the timely completion of the reservoir had rekindled the country’s 2020 vision, which aims to expand the sources of production to achieve a competitive economy.

He added that Equatorial Guinea was aiming to eliminate its reliance on imported diesel fuel and use local resources, including hydropower and gas, in its future energy mix.