Kenya to reduce reliance on thermal power

Image: Twitter – Hon. Charles Keter

Following the connection of the Lake Turkana Wind Farm to the national grid in October this year, Kenya’s Energy Cabinet Secretary, Honorable Charles Keter has said that three power plants would no longer be needed.

With a capacity of 310MW, the Lake Turkana Wind Farm will replace the Iberafrica Power Plant which has a capacity of 56MW, the 74MW Tsavo Power Plant and the Kipevu Diesel Power Plant, which has a capacity of 60MW.

With high electricity costs linked to the use of thermal power, the government is working towards providing cheaper and cleaner energy. In achieving this, Kenya is reviewing independent power producers and power purchase agreements.

In a report by Daily Nation, Honorable Keter said: “Total cost of terminating the three thermal stations is KSh9 billion (approximately $88 million). Power system and energy balance analysis results demonstrated that technically they can safely be decommissioned without negative impacts to the quality and security of supply of electricity.”

Although funds needed to completely phase out the dependence on thermal power are not yet available, the government aims to retire some of the power plants in the interim.

Kenya’s current power supply consists of 23 diesel power plants which account for 25 percent of the 2,800MW total installed capacity.


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