Gabon to open 12th licensing round

Image: EY

Gabon has announced that it will launch its 12th Shallow and Deep Water Licensing Round in November.

The announcement of the launch will be made by the Minister of Oil and Hydrocarbons, Pascal Houangni Ambouroue, and will be followed by a technical and fiscal workshop that will detail the new petroleum code, the licensing round and associated terms.

Supporting the ministry is key player in seismic services, Spectrum Geo, who has collaborated with the Direction Générale des Hydrocarbures to conduct studies in the open blocks.

Seismic data has been acquired in the north and south of the country, with reports by energy-pedia news saying that the 11,500 km2 southern survey is the definitive dataset to image the pre-salt and, for the first time, intra syn-rift plays can be targeted. In the North, the acquisition of a 5,500 km2 3D survey images pre and post-salt targets.

The minister is expected to advise on the dates and venues for road shows associated with the round once the announcement has been made.