Nigeria to add highest trunk pipeline length by 2022


Nigeria will add the highest trunk pipeline length in African oil & gas pipelines between 2018 and 2022.

A recent report by GlobalData, a data and analytics company, the Nigeria-based Trans Saharan Gas pipeline, which is the longest planned pipeline in Africa, is expected to start operations in 2021, with a planned length of 4,400 km.

This contribution will account for over 26 percent of the region’s planned and announced oil & gas pipeline length additions.

“Nigeria is focused on expanding its gas pipeline network to transport natural gas from its production centres to power generating stations. The planned pipelines will increase gas utilisation and boost electricity generation in the country,” said Oil & gas analyst at GlobalData, Soorya Tejomoortula in a statement.

Nigeria’s Trans Saharan Gas pipeline (4,400 km), Mozambique’s African Renaissance Project pipeline (2,600 km), and the Gasnosu pipeline (2,100 km) are the three longest planned and announced natural gas pipelines in Africa.