South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan to be Completed in August

Image: Financial Mail 

Speaking at a conference in Johannesburg on July 17, Eskom Chairman Jabu Mabuza said South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan would be finalized within the next month.

“It must be noted that while there is commitment to shift towards renewable energy to meet South Africa’s energy demands, coal remains a part of the energy mix – at least in the foreseeable future. I am pleased that we will finalize South Africa’s strategic energy blueprint, our Integrated Resource Plan, by mid-August this year. The IRP will provide the necessary direction for Eskom, and others in the market in terms of the energy mix,” he said.

“We need to continuously remember to balance our journey to the new with the old structures, and the consequences of the journey. So the whole issue of transition is one that we continuously grapple”.

South Africa’s Integrated Resource Plan, considered a ‘living plan’ and initiated by the Department of Energy, is a national electricity plan that aims to meet estimated demand across specific periods (now and in the future) in the most affordable and efficient manner.