Savannah Petroleum to Plan Early Production System in Niger

UK-based Savannah Petroleum made an oil discovery at the Amdigh-1 exploration well in the Agadem Rift Basin of Southeast Niger, the company announced today.

Results indicate that the well encountered an estimated 22 meters of net oil bearing reservoir sandstones in the E1 and E2 reservoir, with wireline logs indicating the reservoir properties are in excellent quality. The pressure data also indicated light oil. The well was drilled to a depth of 2,469 meters, and all operations are expected to be completed within 33 days of spud.

“Two discoveries from our first two ARB exploration wells is clearly encouraging for the future of our Niger project. Given these successes, we have now engaged external consultants to commence detailed development concept evaluation work around the creation of a potential R3 East Area Early Production System,” Andrew Knott, CEO of Savannah Petroleum, said in a news release. “On the drilling front, I expect our near-term focus to remain on the prospects in the R3 area and we expect to provide further updates on potential additional drilling activity over the coming months. I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank our local community and governmental stakeholders, as well as our operations and subsurface teams and oil service company partners, for the work and support that the Company has received to reach this point.”

The discovery comes just over a month after the company announced an oil discovery in its onshore Bushiya-1 exploration well six kilometers away from the Amdigh-1 exploration well; and months after its successful acquisition of Seven Energy, an integrated Nigerian oil and gas company.